Training Policies


All GSSWI volunteers will be provided with a training manual that includes copies of the NGA Model Code of Ethics for Guardians and the NGA Standards of Practice.  It will also include policies and procedures that relate to the program.

Topics to be covered in training are, but not limited to:  instruction on confidentiality and ethics the role and responsibilities of a volunteer guardian, contact guidelines with your protected person, transportation policy, recommendations, reports, preparation for court as well as disciplinary action of a GSSWI volunteer.

No person will be allowed to work or volunteer in any capacity that has not completed at least twenty-five (25) hours of initial training.  All volunteers will be sworn in by the Judge as an officer of the Court.  You will also sign an Oath of Appointment at this time, a copy will be given to you and one will be kept in your GSSWI file.  After required training is complete, and being sworn in, assignments will be made.

Please notify the Executive Director or Volunteer Coordinator in advance if possible when you know that you will be missing a session. Persons who have missed a training session may make up those sessions in individual sessions at the discretion of the Program Director.  Contact the Executive Director in order to schedule make-up sessions.


The volunteer must successfully complete twelve (12) hours of GSSWI /volunteer ongoing training each year.  Training approval is to be at the discretion of the Executive Director.